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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; three photographs were Edison, as well as Kobe Bryant Series sportswear designers, who are experts in swing POSE, the "Big Three," the posture cool. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, an Edison with Bryant when a well-known sports brand endorsement, publicity photos taken, they were reprinted in between major forums, dissemination, also cited netizens to ridicule. In addition to Bryant and Edison photographs, as well as the sports brand's designer, three were wearing sportswear Kobe series, are also consistent look cool. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; recently, by the "Pornographic" incident troubled Edison, is undoubtedly the focus of attention of netizens, as he had to speak with Bryant, James and other NBA players attended Photo activity disclosure, the fans told him with these big players who have a strong interest in the story. Edison party Bryant satisfaction & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, an Edison at Nike and Kobe Bryant endorsement, publicity photos taken by Kobe series of sports equipment, and were am Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ong the major forums reproduced, transmitted, also attracted friends They ridicule. In addition to Bryant and Edison photographs, as well as the sports brand's designer, three were wearing sportswear Kobe series, are also consistent look cool. Edison Chen and his design company gave James's stylish jeans & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Edison worked for Nike shoes endorsement famous series, but before Pornographic start, the two sides have ended due to expiration of the contract endorsement cooperation. During the endorsement, to undertake a large number of NBA superstar Edison arrivals reception work, including arrangements for Bryant's party as well as the design of commercial James Jeans. Edison I am very fond of basketball, the number of mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions will visit the site to watch the basketball game.fallen generation has become the champion show, Iverson became a target for all. Complex backgrounds, vulgar friend, strange clothing and chunks of tattoo, everything seemed to be telling you, Allen Iverson is Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping fallen, representative of a generation of. Criticism, this leads to a conclusion that extreme and Iverson related, is not what good. Many people think that Iverson's vulgar friend will mislead him, even ruined his career. But Iverson has always been sniffy. & quot; they are my best friend, when I was in jail. Only when they come to visit me, and those and pretend I'm very familiar? Will write some shit article, I don't know them. ; "76 President Close has warned Iverson's friends, they don't give Iverson trouble, but soon after, Iverson and they have become good friends. " people should be aware of this, Iverson is absolutely loyal to friends. If you are his friend, he will treat your life, will never change because of money or other factors, unless you first betrayed him. & quot; and sure enough, in the 1996-97 season, & quot; best newcomer & quot; after the awards, Iverson immediately returned to Hampton, and stepfather Freeman celebration. " I said to myself, because the evidence I was arrested, I proved his innocence, but people think cheap jordan shoes for men I am not a good person. Maybe I have made mistakes, but it did not change the opportunity? I just hope people don't treat me as NBA bad boy, if there are one hundred million people and one hundred million people love me, hate me, I am willing to repay the former, the latter to persuade. " this is not easy, because people criticize him by any chance. May is new old alternant reason in the NBA, is the side of the Jordan, Pippen, Malone hale and hearty, one side is the rise of Iverson, Kevin Garnett, Bryant et al. The two forces destined to fierce collision occurs. The second NBA match against Iverson, is to have " Jumpman " Jordan's bulls. Before Iverson said: " I will not fear anyone in the game, but when I face Jordan, the brain is meng. & quot; but after a few weeks, & quot; Rodman & quot; Rodman they talk nonsense: & quot; Iverson that boy very arrogant, he in competition once to Jordan yell, I don't fear anyone! , " in unconfirmed cases, news spread throughout the United States, people are talking about Iverson - uppity. at this time, cheap jordans online the New York Times has stoked the fires, commenting after Jordan to persuade Iverson & quot; do not mind too & quot; Allen Iverson did not hesitate to say & quot; I do not for you to try to teach & quot;. For the media bombing, Iverson finally sit.congratulated little emperor LeBron James for leading a career high of 61 points, /7 rebounds and /5 assists! In the earlier NBA Oklahoma citythunder center Serge Ibaka after breaking the nose, with subsequent matches are forced to face gear, and LeBron James choose black carbon fiber material in the game; NBA Sherlock Bobcats, wearing black with such as Batman, feel hot to the bloodbath opponents! , in honor of the high mark in the career of LeBron James's little emperor, we changed the shoes team and quickly used the original "Graffti" color to create, remove the vamp graffiti lines, and then change the whole pair to black! We also know that the United States has introduced the "Anthracite" full black color matching, so the special dark vision is changed. in fact, simply changed to black, Retro jordans for sale has been very aggressive, but look for a long time still feel a bit greasy! LeBron James see a broken nose wearing a black mask and play well, let the team director ATPC suddenly burst of inspiration! Decided to use dark camouflage to interpret the work. little emperor on the scene of the dash, looks like a dark knight, and all the fans at home and abroad called him "Bat King"! Think of it, so let's call this Nike LeBron 11 "Bat King" color matching. Complete part in camouflage, vamp with red ink, which makes the two works more domineering many! Create design concept of a bloodbath opponents, and interpretation of NBA Miami Miami's away kit concept. the entire pair of works can be read carefully the details, complete coverage and design of Logo toe blend, original shoes graffiti deliberately left some traces with lines of completion, there is only a thin layer of black spray paint, so that the original red shoe lining can retain part; basically all the use of black & Red painted! And now this pair of "1of1" works with only one pair cheap jordans for sale mens of women's 7Y sizes, is now sold in the SneakerBow mall, and holds the collection opportunity:) now take a look at the semi-finished product: sends a concept map: more related works: Nike LeBron 11 USA captain damage edition Elmo order AJ9 project! Nike SB Dunk blackbird reconnaissance aircraft "SR-71" concept Air Jordan 6 GS tiger spot Camo PUMA Slipstream Lite classic shoes custom color " size and the famous British shop? Sports brand PUMA common design on both sides of the "Wilderness Pack" series will launch the second wave of branded shoes, the theme of "Wilderness" concept of the continuation of various dangerous environment, the source of inspiration from the tower into the days of mountains and has a rich ecological landscape of Amazon, were selected for PUMA Disc Blaze and PUMA Blaze of Glory the two pairs of shoes as a classic design team lead, integration of the natural landscape and climate characteristics, and tries to present in such a difficult environment may see the scene. PUMA Disc Blaze with a solid wax cheap foamposites canvas uppers show steep mountain conquest after the appearance of the green Disc Lacing band system is year-round stands on the mountain evergreen trees, earthy outsole symbol is left by crossing the mountain area on the ground, thick leaf litter after traces of ink, in the bottom implies that is about to encounter snow storm in the mountains, climbing mountains faithfully simulate the situation. walk in the hot and humid rainforest, a large area of cloth shoes to provide breathable performance, also through the dark green suede leather depicts the forest floor covered with moss and ferns of the scene, combined with the performance of waterproof leather fabric, preventing forest often began to burst the downpour, and side light plastic shoes powder color represents the common in biological self defense systems, the colorful appearance often with a deadly poison, to alert predators; in the bottom to color ink is rich and varied Amazon jungle flora and ecological landscape, full details of the design ingenuity of the people feel like bei Cheap air jordans for sale ng in the tropical rainforest. all have two pairs of shoes 3M reflective trim tongue, heel pull ring, show the breed in nature under the law of survival of the fittest of the strong vitality. size? X Puma "Wilderness Pack Part" in August 2nd 2 in size? Facebook and Twitter, the store was sold to PUMA Disc Blaze, the price of 110 pounds, PUMA Blaze of Glory price of 90 pounds. NikeLab Sock Dart Mid x Stone Island series of shoes in Taiwan in January 28th will be available on INVINCIBLE, three price are 5800 yuan, with selling way please click on the following links, more shoes sell messages can also be reference station listing report. INVINCIBLE source: NikeReebok Shaq Attaq IV is about 20th anniversary, recently with the classic Insta Pump technology complete regression, the biggest characteristic is that the system manually inflated, by external airbag inflator to tightly lock the ankle, and provide a layer of protection. Reebok and Shaquille O Neal also specially filmed a movie, "O Neal not only introduce the pair of shoes, also on Retro jordans for sale the Insta Pump method, and O 'Neal to bring fans that their influence and so on. Reebok Shaq Attaq IV Taiwan is on the market, please refer to previous reports for more details. all star weekend coincides with the upcoming launch of basketball and leisure in the 90s Adidas classic Tianzu technology "FYW" shape based combination of FYW Prime and FYW Prime shoes Skin. FYW Prime is adorned with jagged royal blue in jagged midsole and uppers, and the FYW Prime Skin is a much more outer stretch of styling that allows for more different styles and styling when wearing. The inside of both pairs of shoes are covered with star patterns, adding new highlights to the upcoming all star game! source: HypebeastNBA all star weekend coming once a year, without special edition boots in this star studded stadium how, Under Armour Curry 3 star version earlier on the Internet to debut, the inspiration to do independent deep New Orleans Jazz culture, the design team to create a bronze color against the Curry 3 the all star game commemorative edition, like cheap jordans for sale the brass used band, a tribute with New Orleans Jazz birthplace called city. This year on behalf of west start Stephen Curry will be put on the 'Brass Band' debut performances, look forward to the event. Under Armour Curry 3 "Brass Band" the United States is scheduled for sale in February 17th, priced at $150, it is learned that Taiwan will also be listed, further information may be concerned about the dynamics of Under Armour Taiwan fan page. source: Under Armour / Nice Kicks speaking of adidas shoes, what would you think of those series? What about UltraBOOST, NMD, or Yeezy? And these fiery shoes compared to, PureBOOST is more closely related to the market positioning, so that we can easily experience the whole foot BOOST technology. In the near future, the Internet has exposed the new PureBOOST DPR, adding a new member to the PureBOOST family. adidas PureBOOST DPR in the end use of the full-length BOOST, vamp at first glance is all Primeknit woven material, is actually composed of Primeknit and Mesh mesh cloth, it is in order to maintain the PureBOOST positioning shoes do configuration. In addition to the exposure of the gray blue paragraph, earlier also have gray red color release, two most conspicuous in the front of the foot of the different color soles, shoes to add a sense of Lifestyle. adidas PureBOOST DPR blue color is expected in mid May officially on sale, priced at $140, the official looking forward to bring more exact information. source: sneakerprophet_Nike LeBron series development of all kinds of classic color for nearly 13 years there, all SVSM, Gloria, Dunkman, Fruity Pebbles, South Beach is a special version of the shoe fans are well known, and Dunkman is the representative of Changqing, from the two generation for the first time after still continued to be used, a concept can after enduring certainly has its attractions, the Tomahawk dunk Dunkman inspired LeBron James strong story, plus basketball shoes, a rare green fluorescent color as the main show, many people have become the most direct memory series, and this time the totem silhouette is placed in the LeBron Soldier X, when the player in the game on the flying leaps dunk opponent only "map" look helplessly. Nike LeBron Soldier X 'Dunkman', the United States is expected to be listed in August, priced at $140, the Taiwan region has not yet announced the news. source: Nike / Sole Collector2012 March, Adidas tarining once again submitted Wuji Huang Feihong series of articles. After Jet Li I journey on the life of the four chapter of the first two "National Wushu Championship" and "Shaolin Temple" successfully to market, Wuji third chapter in the shooting of Huang Feihong Jet Li series as a design inspiration. Advocated by him in the role of a martial arts master Huang Feihong's "Zhi Wu Yi" has become seasonal themes and inspire people in physical fitness, also want to pay attention to the cultivation of the mind. The Shaolin Temple film laid the foundation for Jet Li to become an International Kung Fu superstar. Later in 1991, Mr. Jet Li again, shooting the three Huang Feihong film, the achievement of a new career peak. The lion king "Huang Feihong" is the pinnacle of. Jet Li not only with profound attainments and martial arts skills, the interpretation of the style of Huang Feihong, but also illustrates the generation of martial arts master of martial arts for a deeper understanding of martial arts and physical alone is not enough, more important is to open up the wisdom of the people, in order to "Zhi Wu". This is a minor in physical and mental insights also lead the spring 2012 Wuji product theme. 2012-3-29 upload and download attachments at 14:12 (347.84, KB) 2012-3-29 upload and download attachments at 14:12 (362.88, KB) Jordan as Brand to enter the high-end shoe market's first product, Jordan Shine with simple luxury as the starting point, the whole shoe body with large red plaid weave collocation appears in challenge uppers, stylish and also added the movement element is not less Jordan, such as Air Jordan 1 and logo Michael tongue sole, highlighting the brand culture. It is expected to be released on July this year. ;

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